Insurance and property go hand in hand and there are lots of insurance types in real estate. Some are compulsory, others are optional (…) Insurance is the best way to protect yourself from any risks and unforeseen circumstances.
Whether you need

Home insurance
All tenants must have home insurance and it has been compulsory for all apartment owners since March 2014. The new French ALUR legislation now requires all co-owners to be insured for risk and civil liability. This requirement doesn’t affect home owners however, we highly recommend that you take out insurance!

Rent guarantee insurance
Receiving rent payment is crucial to any landlord. In the event of unpaid rent, the policy guarantees the payment of rent. Dispute fees are also guaranteed. The amount and duration of the guarantee are capped. Should the tenant be responsible for damage aside from usual wear and tear, any property damage is covered as per the provisions of the contract.

We are here to help you and get you the best value for money in terms of guarantees/premiums with offers negotiated with our partners.

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