Since all management fees can be deducted from your property income, you can get low-cost, optimised and secure property management tailored to suit you.

We provide you with detailed updates on your property, payments and related fees every quarter to give you total peace of mind.

To this end, we provide you with a contract so you can decide which tasks you want us to carry out.

Administrative management:
Negotiating, drafting, renewing, terminating contracts and their additional clauses (…) Checking the tenant’s compulsory insurance is compliant and valid (…)

Technical management:
Quoting and conducting any repairs and paying any fees with agreements for quotes over x € (…) Conducting compulsory inspections and drafting essential documents for the tenant as part of the Mandatory Technical Report (…)

Accounts and dispute management:
Requesting, readjusting, processing and cashing any rent, fees, security deposit, deposits, insurance, supplies, advances for work (…)

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